vibrantly colorful painting of seascape on convex glass and circular frame

Seascape Inspiration

My husband and I are dedicated pickers, but for different things and different reasons. If I see something I can repurpose, I’m not too shy to grab out of a trash can or dumpster, or stop my car and wrestle something left on the curb into the back seat. Years back I saw a clock on the top of someone’s recycling. The beautiful convex glass was intact, as was the glowing wood frame. I immediately thought of it as a picture frame and took it. Fast forward to now-I had something in it I didn’t like, and so decided to again repurpose it with a different seascape I recently painted. I love the results, and so decided to, on purpose, buy round frames off of EBay and make it a series. I am hoping to have more available for sale in a few months.

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